Ants control

Granular bait

Ants control
Fast, versatile and resistant.

Ready-to-use granular bait for ants control.

For controlling the following ants species:
Atta vollenweideri
Acromyrmex Iundi.
Active ingredient: Fipronil 0,003%


  • Fast control
  • Long lasting protection
  • Uniform and durable granules
  • Versatile application
Rate Crops Packaging
3 to 7 kg/ha. Soybean, corn, sunflower 30 kg bags

New 5 kg pack

Product developed to offer a fast and reliable ant control.

Control effect in less than 48 hs.

Guaranteed protection

Efficient ant control


Damages by ants include wounds in stems, cotyledons and leaves. Severe attacks can compromise crop's health.

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