Efficient control of woodlice, snails and slugs

Granular bait

Double effect. Control of wooldice, snails and slugs

Ready-to-use granular bait for the control of woodlice, snails and slugs.

Control of woodlice, snails and slugs.

granular bait


  • Fast control
  • Long lasting protection
  • Uniform and durable granules
  • Versatile application
Rate Crops Packaging
3 to 7 kg/ha. Soybean, corn, sunflower 30 kg bags
Cibus-DUO is a granular bait that includes two active ingredients in the same granule which allows to control not only woodlice but also snails and slugs with the same application. Saving time, money and reducing the use of agrochemicals.

Product calculator

A free and easy-to-use application to determine the product amount to be applied.

Improve resources efficiency

Guaranteed protection

Efficient control of woodlice, snails and slugs

Armadillium vulgare.

Deroceras reticulatum.

Deroceras laeve.

Limax spp y Milax spp.

Bulimunus spp. y Helix spp.

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A healthy crop

It is very important an annual monitoring. Pay special attention to areas with high dry matter coverage.

Sampling for woodlice, snails and slugs usually is made by assessing the number of them in a 50*50cm square. Then multiply the count by 4 to convert the value in number/ square meter.
The obtained value is compared with the threshold for each crop and therefore identify is a treatment is required.
Making a geo-referenced sampling could help to define areas for treatment or spatial-adjusted baiting rates if the woodlice are not uniform distributed in the area.


A problem with an easy solution:

Woodlice, snails and slugs can be easily controlled by using Cibus-Duo.

A granular bait specially developed for a fast and reliable effect. Uniformity and resistance made Cibus-Duo a very easy-to-use product that can solve the problem and protect your crop.

Which product and amount do I need to use?

You can use our free product calculator app to easily obtain advice on which product and amount do you need to use for an optimum pest control.

Look for "AgriGlobal" in Google PlayStore or Apple AppStore and download the app for start making calculations.

Talk to your technical advisor to know more about sampling and treatment time.

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